Magnum - Ice Cream Treat or Condom?

Is anyone else troubled that there's a new ice cream bar that's named after a condom? 

That's not even subliminal! 

I'm not even going to get into the different flavors, the model they have licking the pops on the new commercial, the "film" by Karl Lagerfeld, or even the tag line "Discover the many pleasures" and "Rachel Bilson discovers that pleasure is hers for the taking . . ."

Okay, maybe I might go into the flavors. It's easy to be seduced (now, is that the right word?) by promises of deep, dark chocolate. The flavors are :
Double Caramel
Double Chocolate and

Even though we know this is Unilever, they keep mentioning Belgium chocolate and have those artsy-fartsy "films" promoting the bars. 

So what do you think? Have you tried one yet (I mean the ice cream bar)? Will this summer find you with sweet cream dripping from your lips by virtue of Magnum a la Rachel Bilson? After all, it is a big bar. I'm just glad they had the good taste (?) not to shape it obviously. 

Drop a line and tell me what you think.


Oklahoma29 said...

It is extremely perverted and sexual. I couldn't believe it after I saw the commercial!

Johnboy said...

This is what our society is reduced too using sex and condoms (sublimal) to sell a product. Great job ! keep perverting the young minds of our youth......