A Bucket of Grilled Yardbird?

No doubt a change has come to Amerika. KFC goes grilled! First lard goes, Then the keel. What next? SKINLESS BREASTS WITH LOW SODIUM??

All weekend we saw the new commercials and yesterday saw a huge sign in front of a KFC promoting this big step. What I didn't see were five or ten men surrounding a huge barrel grill in the back of the restaurant boasting on the best way to keep the coals hot or fire up some world class MEAT!

What about my husband and his brother's secret grilled chicken recipe passed down from their Uncle Fred? Will families now just bring over buckets and place the chicken on the coals to reheat (the chicken already has authentic grill marks)?
We shall see - next Monday, April 27th the bird is unleashed. One free piece of KGC for everyone. Rethinking what you can get at KFC is their goal and to that end they have recruited Sandra Lee from Food Network and G. Garvin of TV One to assist in the re-programming. Besides that they are even asking you to send in videos of your "Chicken Dance". Scott Mindeaux over at Foodie in Disguise hipped me to this one.

From the Plainfield, Indiana KFC:
The introduction of Grilled Chicken is a significant evolution to the KFC menu. The new product is designed to appeal to KFC lovers who say they want nonfried options while staying true to the great taste and quality of KFC’s traditional menu.
Kentucky Grilled Chicken is marinated and seasoned with a savory blend of secret herbs and spices and then grilled to juicy perfection. KFC’s Grilled Chicken has between 60 to 180 calories and 3 to 9 grams of fat.

“We have worked tirelessly to develop a grilled product that would have met Colonel Sanders’ high expectations for flavor and taste,” commented Doug Hasselo, Chief Food Innovation Officer at KFC. “We’re confident the Colonel would have given this grilled recipe his seal of approval. It truly is finger lickin’ good.”

Hmmm . . . things don't look good for our tasty little raptors . . .
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1 comment:

jakada said...

I tried a piece yesterday. It does seem to have the original spices without the crispy/fried feel.

I had a wing that seemed crushed by an overweight Forman grill. No black, charcoal-like grill marks (which we knew would have been fake).