Chickpeas and Spinach - How Can You Go Wrong?

I caught chef Jose Andres, owner of some of my favorite D.C. restaurants, yesterday on All Things Considered show on NPR. He was participating in the "How Low Can You Go" $10 or less meal for a family of four recipe challenge.

His entry was a dish his wife made for him as newlyweds - Moorish-Style Chickpea And Spinach Stew. Obviously low cost, especially when you use dry beans, this combination is great with an number of spices. I particularly love Indian chickpeas with a side of palek (spinach). For our herbivores it's an easy task to leave out the fried egg that is added almost as a garnish and still have a really tasty meal.

I was going to try this today, but the 90 degree weather in the nation's capital is keeping me on an all sorbet and salad diet this week. Perhaps later when it cools down and acts like a real April (before May gets here Thursday)?

In the meantime, here is the recipe straight from Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America by Jose Andres, published by Clarkson Potter.

By the way, this competition is not only for celebrity chefs - you can submit your own recipes in 'How Low Can You Go' The challenge: Feed a group of four for less than $10. Bonus points for dishes that seem more expensive. All Things Considered will talk to the creators of some of the favorites and may feature them on the radio.
Listen Now to Andres on NPR

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