Corny As It Seems . . .

It's corn time at the organic CSA farm (Clagett Farm) I volunteer at and its early and sweet. What is not so sweet is the ever present silk. Sure, you can buy the little do-dads at all of the kitchen gadget coveting stores or even use a simple brush.

However, one of the best solutions I've seen in a while comes from Barbecue Tricks. This I would only use if I wanted to nuke the corn and not season it first, as I do when I roast it on the grill.  Take a look at the video below:

Best bonus ever? No dishes were harmed in the filming of this story. No need to break out the soap to save their dirty, little lives.

One day soon, I'll try a similar method when roasting, just to see if any cooking unshucked provides the same results.

Quick photo recap

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