Pasta Sundae or Fake Out?

Hold the parm, please.
Supposedly, the run-for-it rage of the summer in NYC was Dolce Gelateria's Spaghettieis sundae treat that suspiciously looks like it's straight from Ronzoni land.

It seems this is actually an old school replay from the 1960's when some intrepid soul (Dario Fontanella of Germany, according to Wikipedia) found that shoving iced cream through a pasta machine was kind of cool.The Germans have been enjoying this for years, but you know . . . it takes a bit of time to jump the old pond.

Whew! I thought I was gonna have to try dark chocolate sprinkles, wet nuts (hey! no snickering), and butterscotch sauce on a heap of steaming semolina. Glad that is not the case. 

Like your sauce red? Try strawberry or raspberry sauce. Gotta have that faux meat feel? A couple of scoops of chocolate will get your meatball lookalike rolling and don't forget a sprinkle of toasted coconut - the grated cheese, of course.

What?! I thought that was vodka sauce.
I've even seen a site that suggests using a potato ricer as a substitute to make your own. Seems like way too much work for me for something I will gobble up as fast as my nerves can conduct the pain of brain freeze. I'd feel much better if YOU do it and invite little, ol' me over to gush compliments about your icy pasta prowess.

If you are feeling industrious there is a recipe on If not, truck on over to New York, make an inappropriate Anthony Weiner joke, then head to Dolce Gelateria for a creamy pasta-like fix. Personally, I will probably hold out until the German's figure out how to make gelato Spaghettio's.

Dolce Sweetness in Life - 33 Barrow Street, New York, NY 10014

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