Drink & Food Festival Season in Full Swing

The lazy non-cooker in me is always looking for a party with a purpose - food - and summer is almost nonstop food festival time. I've missed so many already, but not to worry. The DMV has plenty of wine, crab, beer and street fests to go around. This coming weekend is Drink the Districts 'Red, Wine and Brew' bubbling up outside of Nationals stadium in Yards Park. 

Broken up into three 4 hour sessions, $45 (or $35 if it is the last session ) gets you unlimited American beer and wine.  Pair that with live music and the ever present food truck experience and you've got it - party time.

Catch up with more Drink the District libatious (that's right, I made that up) events on Twitter:  @Drink_District, or on facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/DrinkTheDistrict


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