Celebrating the Veg in All of Us

I love my birthday month - cherry blossoms, baseball, Earth day, and the beginning of another year on the farm. How cool is that? It just seems that the world is so much more alive after the twenty first of the month, right Kaleb?

What better time to celebrate the brightest lights of the culinary world - vegetables, than April? It's a great time to scout out local farmers and produce markets. This week marks US Veg Week. 

Sure the creators would love it if we swear off yardbird forever, but chicky - that ain't gonna happen. However, a much more doable compromise is to up our overall consumption of the colorful, fibrous little wonders in our daily diets.  Take this as an opportunity to go veg for seven days and see what a difference it makes in your life. You might even shed a pound or two.

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