What To Do With A Boatload of Daikon Radishes

Clagett Farm CSA has Daikon radishes as a cover crop, so we've got bushels of the long, white, crunchy veggie right about now. Add the bunches of Mizuna greens to the mix and we've got the makings of  great homemade Japanese salad.

I found this recipe - Daikon Salad (Radish Salad) | Salad Recipe | Just One Cookbook - on the Just One Cookbook web page. Some of the ingredients are optional, whereas several are pantry staples like sesame oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce and sugar. You may or may not want to add the fishy garnishes: salmon roe and bonito flakes.

The Plum Dressing calls for Japanese Pickled Plum (umeboshi) and Ponzu. I may just look for a bottled version of plum sauce at the grocer. Depending on my level of laziness this weekend, I may seek out the ponzu sauce ( a mix of rice vinegar, mirin, seaweed, and dried,smoked tuna. The Shiso leaves are optional so I'm going to leave that out.

With or without the traditional Japanese garnishes and sauces, this looks to be a quick and easy way to use the tasty radish.

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