Shaw's Tavern on Florida Ave.

Beet, pistachio, arugula salad with a side of truffled grits. Yum!

This was my first time visiting and I rather liked it. We were scoping it out for lunchtime eats. The staff was friendly and attentive; while the food was delivered quickly. It was happy hour, but I am holding off the alcohol for a few months (gotta lose that pesky 25 extra); however my husband ordered an IPA and the burger of the day. 

I ate his arugula because there just didn't seem to be enough of it in my beet salad. However, I still loved the salad. The woman at the next table asked me about the grits because she said she could smell the truffle oil. I was amazed because I couldn't smell a thing (olfactory shut down or something). The large, stone ground grits were great when piping hot. I will definitely order again. 

We did note that there were no fish dishes on the lunchtime menu, so we couldn't invite a friend who eats mostly fish. There was catfish on the dinner menu and a chicken dish he might eat, but we will check it out again in a few weeks. All in all, a pleasant experience (and I loved all the 80's music).

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520 Florida Avenue NW, Washington, DC.

A block down from the Howard Theatre in Northwest Washington, D.C.; 3 blocks from Howard University and Hospital.

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