Food & Sex . . . Again?

Yep, just can't keep my mind off of it - food, that is. So here I am, playing morning web hobo and roaming digital tangents between my legitimate work searches when I find "10 Recipes To Get You Laid - A Visual Cookbook for the Modern Man" by Dakota James. Never mind that I got there by way of Lot 18 / Kings County Jerky / In The Mo / Shopify (yes, I'm so link-a-licious), you know I had to stop and look around. Lord knows there's nothing more erotic then a man that cooks; and who couldn't use just one more cookbook?

What really kept me on the site was the web and book design. I'm a known sucker for interesting graphic designs and color ways. The site is simple, as are the recipes - c'mon - New York Steak in a port reduction, with couscous and grilled tomatoes? You had me at couscous. Simple stuff so you can get 'er done and get to gettin' at the plan at hand, Sam (Hmm . . . much cliche and corniness in that last sentence, but you know . . . I'm hungry!).

Published in May 2011, said recipe book also includes a Date Night Seduction Guide - including what to wear, basic cookware, and prepping your pad; along with over 300 beautiful visuals shot by photographer Julian Walter, coupled with clean, clear design by Stephanie Laursen. Not sure what to drink with dinner or wondering how much this meal will weigh on your wallet? Each recipe includes: Wine Pairing, Cost for Two, Cook Time, and illustrated Ingredient Guide and Cookware List. There is also the reminder that "You only need one", recipe that is.

For the most part, this guide is for the fledgling twenty-something that hasn't quite gotten his game together yet. Although there are some struggling 30 - 50 year old's that could use a tip or two in that direction. Know someone that could use a little help in the seduction department or just curious? Take a look at the free Shrimp Scampi chapter before you leap (you will need a pdf reader).

Today we are loving:

Dakota James, who tweets "I don't date boys who buy cheap groceries."

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