Why Come?

It's called a 'Pork Butt' when it's actually the hog's shoulder?
Victoria Reynolds Slice of Grace-Pork Butt, 2008 11 x 8.75 Inches  Oil on panel
Some even try to blame it all on Massachusetts by calling it 'Boston Butt'. What exactly are they saying? Someone does know his shoulder from his butt?  Well, some intrepid butcher decided that the bottom of the shoulder should be referred to as the 'butt' and the lower part as 'picnic' (what the ?). 

But I'm Not a Butt!
It is a low cost, highly marbled cut of meat used frequently for pulled pork and kabobs. Oh yeah, don't forget there's a bone in this butt.

So what would you rather it be called? Shoulder roast? Shoulder steak? Shoulder butt roast? Dinner?
Go figure . . . the leg is the ham - no 'leg of hog' or 'piglet leg'.

Do you have a seemingly inexplicable "Why Come?" food name or label? Leave a comment or contact me with your latest foodie conundrum.

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