5 Buck Food Find From the Baltimore Sun

Always on the lookout for a bargain eat fest, I found this page from the Baltimore Sun Online Metromix.

The photo above shows Bananas Tempura at XS. Here's the rundown:

Banana tempura at XS
The bill: $4.75

The dish: Bananas dipped in batter, then fried tempura-style, served with whipped cream and berries

The scoop: XS's fried bananas have a great flavor if you like your bananas hot and with a strange consistency. And, we do. Being the sugar junkies that we are, however, we'd have liked to see a little bit more of a dessert treatment on these. Maybe a chocolate syrup accent here, a cinnamon dusting there, a honey dip on the side. Just a suggestion.

Get your money's worth? Aww, hell yes!—Amanda Krotki
Credit:Amanda Krotki

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