To Me, Tea Pots Are Like Shoes . . .

You can never have too many of them. I am definitely not above buying them on the sly and hiding them in my closet. I've got beautiful 3 tone harmonics, Chinese iron, glass, even delicate Japanese porcelain teapots.  Oh, and I like tea too.

Today I'm enamored with and am trying desperately to prevent my credit card from entering its numbers at the click of the 'Buy Now' or 'Add to Cart' buttons to procure the lovely Taira-Nami Teapot offered as an exclusive to Lot 18 (which feeds another of my indulgences - wine. We'll discuss that later).

The Taira-Nami was designed exclusively for the French tea company Le Palais des Thes. From their website (with Google translation because I didn't study hard enough in sophomore French class):
Taira-Nami teapots were created exclusively for The Palais des Thes. They honor their reasons for seas to the famous print by Japanese artist Hokusai. 
Or something like that. Seems the waves on the side mimic the work of Japanese artist Hokusai. They had me at waves. This beautiful vessel actually comes in three different shades of blue and is 90 euros on the original French web site. My resolve is fading fast. Besides I was looking for something to gift myself for my upcoming birthday other than dinner and the theatre. 

A little about Lot 18: It's sort of like Groupon for the decadent life. As they describe on their website:
Lot18 provides access to high-quality, hard-to-find wines and gourmet foods at attractive prices, as well as wine- and gourmet-themed travel excursions and exclusive dinners at top restaurants across the country.

Sigh . . . I'm going to have to buy a cabinet just for my teapot collection, but that's another shopping trip.

Taira-Nami Teapot in Sky Blue | Lot18:

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