Foodies Paradise - Restaurant Week

All praises due to the intrepid inventors of that period of time deigned 'Restaurant Week'. An epicureans dream week, a dieters kryptonite. Alas, I wish I were able to visit all of the cities throughout the nation that participate, however my meager income keeps me tethered to the eastern regions. The District of Columbia's week to savor the best is normally in January. What to do the rest of the year?  I stare longingly at's list of participating cities, hopelessly wishing for a fifteen dollar bus line to Sacramento and Miami.

All is not lost! I am a three and a half hours drive from the big apple. Surely, I can make it up there to partake in this epicures' holiday, especially since it has been extended.

I've been food envious of Darcel as he has navigated through the city's cuisine on the NYC Go blog. I am definitely going to make the excuse of escorting my niece up to NYU for her sophomore year to get to this feeding frenzy.

She'd better get back to school soon, I'm hungry.

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Anna said...

NYC restaurant week....OMG! I miss that part of NY. All the choices, and now they even have a meat ball store. How cool is that?