The All-American Chinese Cookie - NOT!

Wow. It was certainly much easier to believe that the ubiquitous fortune cookie was actually an american construct - but now this? By now, most folks know that there are NO fortune cookies in China. Nada. None. Stop Looking. Not there.

Now Jennifer 8.Lee, the author of the upcoming book “The Fortune Cookie Chronicles,” writes in the January 18th, 2008 New York Times that "Fortune cookies . . . are almost certainly originally from Japan."

Ms. Lee follows the work of Japanese grad student/cookie detective Yasuko Nakamachi. Yasuko has left no bakery unvisited and even turns up with an early cookie baking session illustration.

This now leads me to wonder if I would still be getting my losing lottery numbers if enterprising Chinese-Americans hadn't noticed the niche for bad advice and built a cookie around it. Or if I'd prefer the miso/sesame taste over the now familiar vanilla.

Solving a Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside a Cookie - New York Times

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